Thirst by Scott Harrison

Check out if you enjoy redemption stories, world changing entrepreneurs

Scott Harrison is a drug and alcohol addicted New York City club promoter, or at least he was. Thirst is the story of Scott’s transformation from a life of debauchery, to a life of giving back. After years of living just for himself, Scott embarks on a journey that will change his life and the lives of millions of others. I was inspired to read the book because I heard Scott Harrison talk about his experiences and his charity on a podcast I listen to.

Serving on a medical aid ship, Scott saw the crisis of ravaging disease in third world countries. Discovering that many health issues sprung from the lack of access to clean water sources in most of the villages he visited, Scott decided to return home and begin a quest to end the worldwide water crisis.   

The formation of charity: water has changed the lives of millions worldwide. Scott’s story is heart wrenching and insightful. Through his experience the reader is able to find compassion and inspiration to act on behalf of their fellow man. Thirst is a life view altering book, that has changed me for the better. I recommend this read to all who seek something to bring fire to their soul.

All author proceeds for this memoir, go straight to charity: water. If you feel inspired to purchase the book after checking it out, this is a creative way to contribute to the cause.

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