Killdozer by Patrick Brower

Check out if you like true crime, stories about man’s descent into madness, and general chaos and destruction

Imagine, someone so angered by events in his life that he built an impenetrable bulldozer to take down a town, along with the townspeople who slighted him. On June 4th, 2004, Marv Heemeyer used an armored bulldozer to rampage through the town of Granby, Colorado. Many people wondered at what his motivation could be. The man was obviously out for blood.

I am a big true crime fan and had heard of this story, so I thought this book would give me some insight on the thought process behind Marv taking a bulldozer to the town.

The author, who had met Marv personally and was targeted by him, sets the scene for the rampage, describing the events that set Marv off in detail. He allows the reader to follow along as the implications of seemingly inconsequential occurrences become more and more sinister. Pictures included throughout the text added to the story. Patrick Brower also writes about the aftermath and how a story like this becomes legend.

Killdozer should not be taken literally as a title, as no one was killed by the dozer, but instead as one man’s fight to kill off the physical structures holding his perceived enemies. I found that although the book was not very large, it still packed a formidable punch. This book illustrates how a series of incidents, mixed with one unstable man can create a very deadly machine.

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