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Running with Sherman by Christopher McDougall

Check out if you like stubborn animals, perseverance, or obscure sports.

I am a sucker for animal redemption stories, Seabiscuit is one of my favorite books. So are there any questions why I picked up a book with a super cute donkey on the cover? I hope not. 

Running with Sherman is a unique animal recovery book as it’s a rescue story about a donkey. Sherman is the victim of an animal hoarding situation. He has overgrown hooves and no outlet for exercise, it looks like an uphill battle to recovery. Fortunately the author, who has no experience with donkeys, is not afraid to track down help. He is told that Sherman needs a job. So, begins their running journey. Sherman gets to train for burrow racing; and it becomes an adventure. They overcome many last minute setbacks and trials along the way, but eventually reach their goal.

I wasn’t particularly attracted to the author’s writing style, a little too much fluff for me; however, I happily ignored this as I dove into the inspiring story about a stubborn, lonesome, neglected donkey who gets a job, finds friends, brings people together, and accomplishes something remarkable. Intermingled with humor and hijinks, this is a great read if you want a little light named Sherman, with his pals Flower and Matilda, in your life.