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The Hard Parts by Oksana Masters

Check out if you like stories of adoption, single moms and strength.

This book was very well written in my opinion. I definitely felt like I walked a mile in her shoes. I was invested and wanted to know her story. Oksana did a great job of expressing her state of mind through her experiences, alluding to things that happened, without being overly graphic. No one wants their past to define them, to get pitying looks from others, or let their past affect those closest to them. Oksana would tell her eight year old self “Don’t change a thing keep fighting. I think about how at first glance people might think I’m a superhero. But it’s so important that they understand life is messy. It’s okay not to come from beautiful experiences. And it’s okay to talk about them and share them and use them as the engine to get where you want to go.” This story was inspiring, even dark at times (as the book cover expresses), but what a glimpse of perseverance through tough times and how to appreciate the good things. It’s a story about adoption, single moms and strength.