The Socrates Express by Eric Weiner

Check out if you enjoy applied philosophy and introspective reads.

In February, I tried a blind date with a book. It turns out it was not a love connection. But I did want to venture into territory I wasn’t as familiar with to be able to recommend a title that wasn’t true crime or something creepy, which are my niche categories. This led me to The Socrates Express by Eric Weiner.

Each chapter is divided into sections, with a “trait” that the author was able to consider and practice through writings of various philosophers throughout history. I enjoyed that each chapter provided me with a lesson and insight into everyday activities we overlook (for example, there is a chapter titled “How to Walk like Rousseau”). I found myself taking pause throughout the day and being more mindful of these little everyday tasks. My favorite chapter was How to Cope like a Stoic. I found it highly enjoyable and useful, especially during these troubling times when so much is out of our control.

I feel as though everyone who reads this book will be able to take something away from it. In the very least it will allow the reader to take pause in what we see as meaningless activities and understand that even though we might view these things as trivial, we can use philosophy to improve our lives. This book shows us how.

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