Alice and Gerald a Homicidal Love Story by Ron Franscell

Check out if you love a good story of crime and passion.

This book is gripping from the beginning. It’s a sad story about the disappearance of Virginia Uden and her two small sons. In 1980, Virginia was Richard Uden’s third wife. She convinced him to adopt her two sons after being married for a short time.

Richard was easily led by Virginia; a trend he continued when he met his fourth wife, Alice.  He met Alice while he was a patient in the mental hospital, and she was his nurse.

After Alice and Richard married, problems began to surface with Virginia requesting more child support. Alice did not like his relationship with Virginia and her sons. When Virginia and the children disappeared, a mystery was born. Alice had her own secret past to be discovered. Years after Richard and Alice were married, law enforcement came ‘a knockin’.

This is a true crime story, based in Wyoming. These events took place over 40 years ago. This book finally unravels the mystery and evil of this sinister couple.

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