Mobituaries by Mo Rocca

Check out if you enjoy trivia, useless facts, or knowing a bit more about famous figures (and their body parts) whose story has been largely ignored and/or faded over time. 

Mo Rocca has compiled a collection of interesting chapters and tidbits about people, things, and even plants whose stories seem to have gotten lost for one reason or another. He coins these brief biographies as Mobituaries. Mo leads a popular podcast by the same title. Each chapter presents a specific person or item, followed by interesting factoids related to the topic.

 I appreciated that the book cleared up some origin stories that I had no knowledge of. For example, if you’ve ever pondered the lyrics to Yankee Doodle and the line about him sticking a feather in his hat and calling it macaroni, there is an interesting back story.

I do believe this book has something for everyone and has some laugh out loud moments sprinkled throughout. Browsable, fun, and informative.

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