National Culinary Month

Did you know that July is National Culinary Month? It is also National Peach Month, National Blueberry Month, and National Ice Cream Month. What I’m saying is that if you love food, this is your month! We have a lot of great cookbooks down in the Teen Room, but also fiction books with a food theme. Here are a couple, but come visit us to see more!

The Heart-Break Bakery by A.R. Capetta

Syd loves to bake and works at the Proud Muffin bakery.  Syd uses baking for any big issue or problem in their life. So, when Syd is dumped, they obviously whip up a batch of brownies. There is only one problem: everyone who eats Syd’s break-up brownies ends up breaking up. Can their magical baking talents fix this problem, or just cause more?

Radha & Jai’s Recipe for Romance by Nisha Sharma 

Radha is on her way to becoming one of the best kathak dancers and Jai is captain of a Bollywood dance team. Both of their future dreams are shattered due to family issues. Radha tries to reinvent herself at the Academy of Arts and Jai realizes she might be just what he needs for a knockout last year.

Bloom by Kevin Panetta

Ari wants nothing more than to move to the big city with his band, but first he has to talk his dad into letting him quit his job at the family bakery. He likes the job, but he doesn’t want to be there forever wasting away. Ari starts to interview candidates to take over for him when he meets Hector, and all of his plans change. This graphic novel has a heartwarming story and beautiful images to go with.

Donuts and Other Proclamations of Love by Jared Reck

Oscar and Lou couldn’t be any different. Oscar hates school and wants nothing to do with college. Lou has valedictorian in her sights and lofty college goals. A relationship neither of them anticipated grows when Lou and Oscar must work together on a service project reducing food waste in their high school.

Library Links

The Heart-Break Bakery

Radha & Jai’s Recipe for Romance


Donuts and Other Proclamations of Love

Diverse Books

Did you know libraries are for everyone! Campbell County Public Library is no different. We have a very diverse collection of books for you to choose from! But why is diversity important in a collection? Diversity is important because it shows people that they aren’t alone in the world; there are others who have similar experiences. It also helps teach people about experiences they may never have. Having a diverse collection builds empathy in readers. Here’s four diverse books for you to pick from!

Pet by Akwaeke Emezi

The children of Lucille are all told there are no more monsters. But how can that be true when Jam meets Pet, a monster with horns and claws? Pet tells Jam they’ve come to hunt a monster that lurks in Jam’s best friend’s house. Jam now must not only fight to protect her friend but also uncover the truth. Emezi’s debut novel raises the difficult question about what choices you can make when society is in denial.

This Is My Brain in Love by I.W. Gregorio

Jos Wu has two wishes: to make it through high school without dying of boredom, and to direct a short film with her best friend.

Will also has two goals: to get assigned to a position with the school paper and to find a summer job.

But when things don’t go their way Jos and Will find an unlikely friendship in each other. They think that the only thing getting in the way is family prejudices but quickly find out it’s their anxiety and depression. This Is My Brain in Love is a contemporary romance that explores mental health, race, and self-acceptance.

Last Night At the Telegraph Club by Malinda Lo

1954 in America is not a safe place for two girls to fall in love; Chinatown makes it even more unsafe for Lily and Kath. The two are willing to risk everything to let their love survive. For Lily a Chinese American, that might include her father’s deportation despite his hard-won citizenship.

When the Moon Was Ours by Anna-Marie McLemore

Miel and Sam are best friends who are inseparable and a little strange. Miel can grow roses out of her wrists and Sam is known for the moons he paints and hangs in trees. But even Miel and Sam stay away from the Bonner girls, four sisters who are rumored to be witches. Now the Bonner girls want the roses that grow form Miel’s wrist, convinced that the roses can make anyone fall in love. When the Moon Was Ours is an exploration of love and identity.

If you’re interested in more diverse books just let us know and we’d love to help you! Don’t forget to sign up for our Summer Reading

Library Link: Pet

Library Link: This Is My Brain in Love

Library Link: Last Night At the Telegraph Club

Library Link: When the Moon Was Ours

Pride and Prejudice

Did you know one of the great things about literature is sometimes authors from the past get retold and reimagined in new unique ways? Shakespeare is a great example of classic literature being reimagined. Another popular author to reimagined is Jane Austen. Many of Jane Austen’s works get retold; here are four retellings of Pride and Prejudice you can find in the Teen Room.

Pride and Premeditation by Tirzah Price

The first book in A Jane Austen Murder Mystery series, Pride and Premeditation is the murder mystery retelling of Pride and Prejudice. Lizzie is a huge law enthusiast and wants to prove she’s a formidable litigator. Unfortunately, women are only allowed in the court room as witnesses and the man accused already has a lawyer, Mr. Darcy. Instead of letting either of these deter her, Lizzie decides to steal the client out from under Darcy and solve the murder. True to the murder mystery genre, Lizzie discovers that being a lawyer can often be a dangerous job.

Bookish Boyfriends: A Date with Darcy by Tiffany Schmidt

Let’s be honest: boys are so much better in books – at least that’s Marrilee’s opinion. Real-life boys just don’t know how to woo her, until she transfers to Reginald R. Hero Prep where the boys look like they’ve stepped right out of her romance books. Now brooding Monroe is trying to woo her and make her feel like Juliet incarnate. But when things unfold in ways she didn’t picture, she starts to realize that only she is in charge of her story.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith

A mysterious plague has fallen upon Meryton causing the dead to return to life! Elizabeth is determined to wipe out the menacing zombies, but she’s soon distracted by the arrogant Mr. Darcy. Now she must mind her manners and mind the undead. This book has something for everyone: romance, swordfights and rotting corpses.

Pride by Ibi Zoboi

Zuri wants nothing to do with the two new wealthy Darcy boys who have moved in across the street. She can’t stand Darius especially when she’s forced to find common ground with him. With college applications and family vying for her attention Zuri must fight to find her place in an ever-changing world. 

Library Link: Pride and Prejudice

Library Link: Pride and Premeditation

Library Link: Bookish Boyfriends: A Date with Darcy

Library Link: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Library Link: Pride

Oceans of Possibilities 2022 Summer Reading

It’s that time again! Our Summer Reading Program starts next week.

The last day of school is May 25th and sixth graders officially become seventh graders. That means you can now come into the Teen Room and participate in all it has to offer! Stop by the Teen Room on May 25th and pick up your paper reading log at our desk. You can also check out our website to participate in the program digitally.

2022 Oceans of Possibilities Teen Programs:

Summer Reading Kickoff– Movie in the Lab, June 4, 11-1

Sidewalk Seascapes- June 9 & 30, July 21, 1:30-3:30

Shipwrecks Escape Room-June 15, 1:30-5

Life Size Forbidden Island- June 22, 1:30-4

Shark Week! July 11-July 15, activities all day!

Final Party & Grand Prize Basket Drawing: July 27, 1:30-4

Please call us at 687-9227 or stop by the Teen Room desk with any questions.

Thanks for returning!  The final post is entitled Lord of the Rings: Return of—wait.  Wrong trilogy.

Bet you were excited though, right?

Nope, this last writing is called

Behind the Super Top Secret Door…of the office that is surrounded by windows and that teen volunteers go in all the time. 

Now, the reason we Smaug-smuggle the following items into the office is that they take a little more time and require a little more involvement on the side of their operator (eh hem, YOU).  Sometimes the Teen Room might be a little crazy or a shift change might be in the works, so these aren’t always available on demand.  But on a quiet day, ask the desk librarian for one of these awesome things to try.

So if you read through my rant about the 3D printer, you won’t be surprised at how excited I am by the 3D Doodlers.  They’re pens that extrude plastic sticks into designs you create.  With these babies, you become the 3D printer.  Bonus points if you sing while you work.  There is a learning curve to the pens, but when isn’t there a learning curve?  Experimentation is half the fun!  Give these a try when you have a little time for the pens to warm up and make Glenda proud. (Glenda is the 3D printer.  I named her.  Just now.)

Now.  Here’s where I’m out of my element.  Up to now I’ve had some idea what I’m talking about, although it may not seem like it.  But.  We have these OTHER robots.  They’re little.  They’re cute.  They’re completely unused in the time that I’ve worked here.  So if you’re a robotics person, or willing to learn to be a robotics person, it would give me endless joy to find you at the desk, politely and excitedly asking for the Ozobots or the Spheros.  Two different kinds of little robots even, I mean really!  I can hand over the mechanical creature of your choosing and sit back to see what happens next.

This concludes my too-excited tour of the Teen Room.  There’s obviously stuff left out, like our clubs, and programs, and volunteer opportunities.  The magnets on the vending machine, just waiting for your poetry.  The corkboards by the door, just waiting for your artwork.  There’s just so much to explore down here.

I can’t give away all the secrets.  Best leave some for you to find yourself.

Find some yourself, when you head down to the best part of the library to say hello.

Thanks for reading!


Welcome back, internet besties!

Can we talk for just a minute about the Teen Room 3D printer?  As the staff that runs it, I’ve had to approach it cautiously.  Stay calm.  Don’t let it smell fear.  But I think (think, mind you), that I’ve befriended the tiny singing robot, and its friendship is A-MAZING!  I’ve made a brooding Batman and a tiny turtleduck and a pretty real-looking LEGO brick so far, and I’ve only sustained one minor injury.  So explore the free plans on Thingiverse, find something to print, and for 10 cents a gram you also can bond with the super-fancy singing glue gun.  It melts plastic instead of glue, get it?

Now may I take a moment to note that the folks that designed the Teen Room really thought of everything.  Have you noticed the charging station behind the desk?  There’s a variety of cords for a variety of devices with little slots so there’s room for everyone.  Have your own cords?  There’s a charging tower with wall and USB outlets in the seating area with the super-comfy chairs.  Plug in a laptop or tablet or phone and let your devices enjoy some delicious electricity.

Now, we’ve arrived at the board games: an offering near and dear to my nerd heart.  Try Niya, a connect-four, tic-tac-toe cross that’s quick and easy to learn with tokens that are fun to clink together like Sir Hiss from Robin Hood

Or if you have a little more time, Kill Doctor Lucky is like reverse Clue.  Instead of solving a murder, you race your opponents to be the first to kill off annoying Doctor Lucky.  There’s a whole collection to be explored, and lots of ways to add your own twists if you get board (little pun for you there.  You’re welcome).  At least so says the creator of Who Wants to be a Trivial Three of a Kind.  The world is welcome for that too.

Next to the board games, we have our take-home craft kits.  No time to hang out in the makerspace?  These kits can go home with you!  Perler bead kits and glue gun kits come with included accessories, and paired with your own imagination (or Pinterest’s imagination, if you’re me), can make something amazing.

Whew!  Outta breath.  Running on too much excitement.  I’m going to take a break and come back fresh with Part 3 of my trilogy. 

Stick around!


1st Annual Library Foundation Cookie Wars

Do you like to bake?! If you said yes, we have the perfect program for you. This year the library is holding the 1st Annual Library Foundation Cookie Wars, previously Cupcake Wars. This year we want you to make tasty cookies, decorate your table and area, and have fun.

There are two categories, decorated cutout cookies, and classic cookies. Any baker under the age of 18 can enter under the Junior division, there is also an Amateur and Experienced division.  Registrations are available now and are due by April 1, 2022. But hurry, there are only 14 spaces available.

What: 1st Annual Library Foundation Cookie Wars

Where: Campbell County Library

When: Saturday, April 9, 2022

For more information go to

Happy Baking!

A Newbie’s Overly-Excited Tour of the Teen Room!

Hello, dear readers!

I’m your new sometimes-staff member, Lindee.  I started working in the Teen Room right about the time it shut down for COVID, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to fangirl about how cool the Teen Room is.  And maybe plug in a little reminder of what all the Teen Room has to offer.

So of course, there are the books.  I think there’s just something special about young adult literature.  It can tackle some of the biggest issues we face today, and it can do so without taking itself too seriously.  If you’re going through something, we have books that can remind you you’re not alone.  And if you need a little escape or just a little fun, we have books for that, too.

My favorites so far are the Avatar Kyoshi duology and These Hollow Vows.  One’s pretty new, and one’s been around for a bit.

Rise of Kyoshi, Book 1
Shadow of Kyoshi, Book 2

Avatar the Last Airbender: The Rise of Kyoshi and The Shadow of Kyoshi bring readers back to the world of the Avatar, before the GAang saved the world from the Fire Nation army.  Kyoshi as the Avatar is not who anyone expected—she’s not even that good at bending her original element!  But being raised away from the limelight and outside of the political machinations of her best friend’s mentor (as he teaches who he THINKS is the Avatar), might be the absolute best thing for the Avatar.  Who else could save the Earth Kingdom, on the brink of war, but someone impartial?

Cover image for These hollow vows
These Hollow Vows

These Hollow Vows marries some classic fairytale elements with some high fantasy characters, when character Brie must attend a ball in the Faerie world to save her sister, Jas.  Jas was sold to Mordeus, the uncrowned king of the Dark Throne, when Jas and Brie couldn’t pay their aunt their “life debts.”  With love triangles, a smattering of unexpected magic, and TWO twist endings, you won’t be surprised to hear I was positively betrayed when I learned the sequel is still 6 months out!

Our nonfiction section has some really cool books, with my favorites being the themed cookbooks.  Yep, themed.  Like, Doctor Who, and Harry Potter, and general nerd cookbooks.  There are tons of other topics in there too, y’know.  History and mental health and programming.  But somehow I always end up at the cookbooks.

Next there’s the makerspace, with a little bit of everything.  Fancy teaching yourself to sew?  There are sewing needles for hand sewing and even a sewing machine!  (Does the Teen Room nonfiction section have books on sewing?  Better explore and find out!)  The Perler beads are always popular, and I’ve seen some excitement about the crochet looms.  There’s an ever-shifting collection of creative outlets there, so feel free to dig around and make something amazing!

There are more adventures ahead in our tour of the Amazing Teen Room, so keep an eye out for installment 2!

Library Link: The Rise of Kyoshi

Library Link: The Shadow of Kyoshi

Library Link: These Hollow Vows

New Sequels!


Believe Me by Tahereh Mafi

Believe Me is the fifth novella in the Shatter Me series by bestselling author Tahereh Mafi and takes place after the events of book six Image Me.


City of the Dead by James Patterson

City of the Dead is the second book in the Hawk series which follows the daughter of Maximum Ride. The series takes place 10 years after the events of the Maximum Ride series. 


In the Ballroom With the Candlestick by Diana Peterfreund

In the Ballroom with the Candlestick is the third and final book in the Clue Mysteryseries. Secrets continue to come to light and threaten to destroy the groups friendships; the group has little choice but to either band together or turn on each other.

40307018. sx318

Journey to the Heart of the Abyss by London Shah

In Shah’s first book The Light at the Bottom of the World, readers were introduced to Leyla McQueen whose dad had been arrested. Leyla must make choices to help save her father but, as she learns, actions have consequences. The sequel picks up where the first one left off.


Spells Like Teen Spirit by Kate Williams

Spells Like Teen Spirit is the third and final book in the Babysitters Coven series and concludes Esme and Cassandra’s legacy as Sitters.

Library Link: Believe Me

Library Link: City of the Dead

Library Link: In the Ballroom With the Candlestick

Library Link: Journey to the Heart of the Abyss

Library Link: Spells Like Teen Spirit

Happy National Puzzle Day!

Do you like puzzles? There are so many types of puzzles including, Sudoku, jigsaw, crosswords and many more. Did you know puzzles are great for the mind? Puzzles help prevent cognitive brain decline because they use both sides of your brain; they improve memory; and they can even increase your IQ. Researchers from the University of Michigan found that by spending 25 minutes a day doing puzzles, you can raise your IQ by 4 points!

Did you know: Lewis Carroll, author of Alice in Wonderland, invented ladder puzzles?

Stop by the Teen Room today!  We will have some puzzles out for you to work on.