Finally Finding Fresh Fun Facts

Some of you might remember a site called Stumbleupon. It was a website that would allow you to “stumble” into little known or interesting websites. As we all know, there is a wealth of knowledge available on the internet, and this website connected us to corners of the web that we might not have known existed before. Unfortunately, Stumbleupon is no longer, and although replications have been created, nothing can beat the original.

There is, however, a website that I have recently discovered that is pretty cool in itself and provides enough interesting tidbits to keep me engaged for a while. Today I Found Out is a great site for useless (or useful, depends on how you look at it) knowledge. This website is chock full of facts and articles on just about anything. My favorite part is the “Surprise” tab, one click and you’re reading an interesting article on a random topic. I found enjoyable articles such as “20 Interesting Dr. Martin King Luther Jr. Facts” and “The Curious Case of The Isdal Woman” (you know I love a good whodunit case). There is so much more to find and explore on this site. If you feel like knowing some random facts that you can impress your friends with, or just learning something new, I recommend you check it out!