Art at Home

Visit the Google Arts & Collections site and explore art from all over the world – from the comfort of home.

Many of us have not been to a museum in almost a year. I know that I miss viewing art pieces and just enjoying what different places have to offer. This website offers various exhibits from around the world – with some added features!

The site is categorized by different locations of galleries. Once you click on the gallery you are interested in, you can browse the collection within. Some galleries have “stories” allowing you to get an inside look at the work itself. I really enjoyed the breakdown on stories within the art such as Piero Di Cosimo’s “Perseus Freeing Andromeda” and Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss” . Each piece of art is provided with background and allows us as the viewer to gain a deeper understanding of what makes these pieces so special. There are also games, museums you can explore, and even use virtual reality on your phone. I could get lost in a site like this. Try it out for yourself.