Make many things…make anything!

Do you have some free time on your hands? Feel like taking on a new project? Maybe you just enjoy creating something yourself and reaping the rewards of your hard work – who doesn’t?

Let me introduce you to, an amazing site that includes step-by-step instructions for just about…anything! Right now I’m really into the Halloween section. It’s filled with costume ideas, creative crafts for a socially distanced candy handout, and my personal favorite, baking Halloween treats. What I really enjoy is the step-by-step instructions that are alongside pictures and sometimes a video tutorial. People can even post pictures if they have made something off of the original post and add tips as well. I mean, these people get really creative. But everything is so straightforward and oftentimes, inexpensive too, that I (not being creative in the least) could see myself spending some time making a mason jar lamp.

Go ahead, check it out. Get inspired. I, for one, have my eye on these glazed pumpkin cookies.