Teen Summer Reading!

Are you participating in our Teen Summer Reading program?!

It’s super easy! Come down to the Teen room and grab a bingo sheet. Then all you have to do is read 3 hours or 300 pages, whatever is easiest for you. You keep track however you want. When you read 3 hrs or 300 pages you get to pick your prize. You can win a free book, a drawstring backpack, a water bottle, slime, pizza and so much more! Easy, right?

But wait, there’s more!!! Anytime you cross off a square you get a raffle ticket! You can use those tickets to enter for a chance to win one of our SIX prize baskets. Each basket has a different theme; Find Your Zen, Baker’s Dozen, Gamers, Cup of Sunshine, and not one, but two Night at the Movies.

Find Your Zen comes with a fleece throw for stargazing, a cosmic magnetic sculpture, a Kylo Ren piggy bank, and $50 Goldbucks to be used at any participating stores in town.

Baker’s Dozen comes with two different mixes, pot holders, measuring cups and spoons, a $25 gift card to Alla Lala Cupcakes, and $25 gift card to Ice Cream Café.

Gamers comes with a 35mm mega acrylic D20, some magic cards, a deck case, and $50 gift card to Dungeons & Dugouts.

Cup of Sunshine comes with tea, hot cocoa mix, a reusable cup, a journal and a $50 gift card to Rapport.

Finally, our two Night at the Movies baskets come with buttered popcorn, four different kinds of candy, and a $50 gift card to Foothills Movie Theater, and all this comes in a big popcorn container!

Stop by the Teen room and pick up your reading log today! We will have our drawing for the grand prize baskets at our final party Wednesday, July 24, 1-4 pm; you do NOT have to be present to win! All other prizes will be passed out till August 19.

Teen Summer Reading is Out of This World!



This year, our summer reading program is theme is “A Universe of Stories” and we have a ton of fun activities in the Teen Room here at Campbell County Public Library! We’re kicking off the summer with a party on May 23, 3-5 pm! Join us down in the teen room for an open mic, and snacks, and you can even visit the Wyoming Stargazers’ Digital Planetarium up in the atrium! Make sure you                                                                 grab a ticket and reading log!


On June 19, 2-5:30, we will be hosting a Hogwarts Escape Room! Bring your friends to find the clues to escape Professor Vector’s office. But be warned; you only have 30 minutes!




Throughout the summer weekends we will be having a Star Wars Marathon starting on June 21, 1-4 pm. Catch up on all the movies before Star Wars IX: The Rise of Skywalker opens in theaters this December!



We will be having a Space Escape Room on July 10, 2-4 pm. Your group is trapped in a space shuttle that will self-destruct if you do not solve the clues! See you there!



Finally, we will be having our End of Summer Party on July 24, 1-4 pm. There will be outdoor water games, snacks, and drawing for our six prize baskets. You do not have to be in attendance to win, but please come join us!

Make sure to stop by this summer, grab a reading log, and earn some awesome prizes! We’ll be having clubs and activities all summer!

Teen Volunteers!

The Library needs you!

Do you:

• Want to help your community?

• Enjoy hanging out with fun people?

• Like to eat snacks?

• Want to gain job skills before applying for the real thing?

• Want to build an impressive resume before graduating?

If you said “yes” to any of these, consider signing up to be a CCPL Teen Volunteer! Applications are available in the Teen Room of the library. Pick one up, and return, with a parent/guardian signature, by Friday, May 24, at 4:45 pm. Training and orientation will take place the following week. If you can’t volunteers this summer but would like to once school starts pick up an application and turn it in. We’ll hold on to it for our next orientation in September!

Questions?  Call the Young Adult department at 687-9227, or Darcy Acord, Youth Services Librarian, at 687-9229.

National Library Week Teen Edition

This month in the teen room, we have so many fun things going on! Summer may be around the corner, but hang tight! This month we’re celebrating libraries and what they mean to us for National Library Week!


National Library Week

This year’s theme for National Library Week is “Libraries = Strong Communities”.

Please share with us how the library impacts you and write on the room display, either “what the library means to you” or “why you’re visiting today”. Doing so may result in a piece of appreciation candy! Also, partake in the National Library Week themed makerspace with book art, page painting, or paint a book end! For those of you more drawn in by mind puzzles, the giant Sudoku board in the hallway may be for you!


Calling All Teens!

If you haven’t already taken a survey about ideas for our upcoming podcast, please do so! Your voice is very much heard and is being taken into consideration! Podcast Surveys are found on the tables of the teen room.

Another way to use your voice in the teen room would be to give us suggestions on what to rename this “Can’t Stop Reading” teen blog (meta, right!). As long as the language is appropriate, all suggestions are welcome! Leave your vote in the specified ballot box on the teen room desk!

Thanks Volunteers!

National Library Week also happens to fall on Volunteer Appreciation Week! Since September, our teen volunteers have given us a total of 472.75 hours of precious time! From everyone in YA, we appreciate all that our volunteers do for us and the library. You guys truly make our community a better place!

Check Out Our Soaring Eagle Award Winners!

Another big thank you to those who participated in reading and voting on our Soaring Eagle books this year! The winners have been posted and we’re even more excited to see what next year’s Soaring Eagle nominees will hold!

The Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds



Project 1065 by Alan Gratz

1st Runner Up

Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake

2nd Runner Up!

Graphic Novels You Should Be Reading

I’m going to start off by saying that graphic novels are so much more than just superhero comics or manga (although those are awesome, and you should read those too!). There are a lot of graphic novels out there that don’t get the love and attention they deserve. For this post, I’d like to touch on two graphic novels that are amazing. These are available at our library, so come and check them out!


The Undertaking of Lily Chen

By Danica Novgorodoff


Let me start off by giving you the premise of this story: in some parts of rural China, people are selling the corpses of females. Why, you ask? Well it’s all part of a custom called “ghost marriages”. In this ancient tradition, husbands and wives are meant to share a grave, and if a man dies unmarried, essentially a piece of him is missing. To solve this problem, families will buy the dead body of a woman, marry the two dead people in a ceremony, and then bury them together. Mhmm that’s right! That’s only the beginning, friends. You can use your imagination to figure out just how people are “collecting” these women. Or you can read this graphic novel and find out for yourself! Part laugh-out-loud funny and part deeply moving and heavyhearted, this graphic novel is also paired with beautiful artwork. I hope you give it a chance; you won’t regret it. In fact, you might check out more than once!


By Jeff Lemire, Emi Lenox, and Jordie Bellaire

        Now it’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Jeff Lemire. He’s written some great stuff (Essex County, The Descender and Sweet Tooth series, and a lot more) and Plutona is one of the great Young Adult graphic novels that he has published recently. Not only is the artwork super cool, but the story is just spot on. Speaking of the story, let’s get into that.  Imagine you have a favorite superhero (mine’s Batman) and you and some friends uh, you find him or her…dead. In a forest. You are seemingly the only ones who know this secret. What do you do in this situation? That’s the dilemma that Teddy, Dianne, Mie, Mike, and Ray find themselves in. This is a superhero tale with a twist, and I’m betting you’ll enjoy this graphic novel. It’s one of those that are really hard to put down. Good luck with that!






2018-2019 Soaring Eagle Nominees–Voting Now Open!

You may have heard the saying ‘those who forget history are doomed to repeat it’ or some variation of it. That being said, not everyone likes to read history text books; a great way to learn historic facts is reading historical fiction and lucky for us there were two great historical fiction novels on this year’s Soaring Eagle list. Let’s take a look at those now!


Stalking Jack the Ripper

By Kerri Maniscalso

London, 1888:  In the heat and humidity of late August, a serial killer terrorizes the low-class East End district, Whitechapel, murdering women and brutally dismembering their bodies. He becomes known as “Jack the Ripper” for the gory, bloody murder scenes he leaves behind.

Audrey Wadsworth, raised in an upright Victorian-era family, feels compelled to solve the murders, to figure out the identity of “Jack the Ripper” before he strikes again. Even though the women he kills are viewed as “throwaway” women by most of society, Audrey knows that no person deserves to die in such horrific murders.

As she becomes dangerously involved with the murder investigation, Audrey slowly realizes that “Jack the Ripper” may be closer to her than she thinks.  Could he be her eccentric uncle, who has his own personal collection of human organs and is always seeking more? Could it be the handsome, yet aggravating, Thomas – a fellow student in her uncle’s secret forensic science classes?

Or could it be someone even closer?  Perhaps, even, someone in Audrey’s own home?


Projekt 1065

By Alan Gratz

“You do what you have to do, even if it means doing something wrong.”

Michael O ‘Shaunessey is a thirteen year old boy growing up in Nazi Germany. Like any teenager he loathes the grown-up dinner parties, making small talk, listening to adults discuss Hitler and “the War”.

Unlike most teens, Michael has a huge secret. He goes to school daily as part of the Hitler Youth Corp. He is a good soldier by day: doing everything required of him to move up in the corp and prove his loyalty to Hitler and Germany.  At home when he leaves school and the public eye, he keeps his family’s secret: they work for the Allies, feeding information through the Irish embassy they work for to help the Allied Forces.  Although Michael is just a kid and not actually a spy, he finds himself challenged daily not to challenge the evil he sees happening all around. Children were encouraged to turn their family members in for violating any small rule; boys beat each other to just to prove their loyalty to the Fuhrer.

Michael befriends a new boy at school and protects him from the bullies. As he gets to know his new young friend he discovers the secret of Projekt 1065. Michael is determined to somehow get a copy of the plan and pass it on to his parents to send to the Allies. The story keeps you questioning with Michael , what would I do if I had to choose between doing what is necessary and doing something wrong.


Now, if you’ve been keeping up you’ve noticed we keep mentioning ten titles but we have only done nine; that’s because some titles don’t really fit well with any of the other books. This year that book is I Will Always Write Back, this is a nonficiton title. Don’t let the fact that it’s nonfiction scare you away, as this book will demand your attention.


I Will Always Write Back

By Caitlin Alifirenka & Martin Ganda with Liz Welch

Two people, two very different lives. Caitlin lives in Virginia, while Martin lives halfway around the world in Zimbabwe. Two individuals who by all means should have never met each other quickly become close lifelong friends. Everyone in Caitlin’s class wrote a letter to a penpal in a distant country. Martin is one of the lucky few in his class to receive a letter, which happens to be from Caitlin. As they correspond with each other, they learn how vastly different their worlds truly are. As Martin struggles to find ways to pay for school and feed his family, Caitlin struggles with backstabbing friends and dating. Even with the differences they have, they find peace and understanding through one another. From their first letter all the way to their first meeting, we see how a letter can spark a friendship that lasts decades, a friendship that changes both individuals for the better.


There you are –  all ten Soaring Eagle Nominees for 2018-2019. Voting is going on now through Mach 15, for our teens, 7th-12th grade, at your public library or at your school library. If you have read three or more of these books, you can vote for your favorite, as well as nominate another book to be on the list next year! If you haven’t read three,stop by your libraries to check some out, or visit our Libby app. Happy readings!!!!


Explore Tech in the Teen Room During Teen Tech Week!

If you were ever curious about the tech options for teens at the library, there are plenty of different technologies for you to explore!

3D pens – Draw awesome 3D objects with our 3D pens! From statues to glasses frames, there are a ton of fun things you can create. Use your imagination! These will be available for you to use in the makerspace for the first couple weeks in March.

Spheros – These round robots are a ton of fun. You can create your own coding system – they’ll go wherever you guide them! You can use a code someone else has created or create your own! Your sphero will dance, have a light show, and make various sounds.

3D Printer – Have you ever used a 3D printer? Now’s your chance to find out how cool they are. You can print out basically whatever you want (besides things outlined in our library policy) and we have a variety of filament colors as well. On Wednesday, March 6 teen librarians will be explaining how to use them and will provide an opportunity for you to print something. During the month of March 3D prints are free for teens, 7th-12th grade!

Ozobots – these little robots follow a code that you put before them and can create a variety of shapes and follow a lot of different paths. You can draw these paths yourself or use a coding system to teach your bots new tricks!

Here in the teen room we have two original ozobots and one Evobot. With light effects, sounds, and a variety of movements, the options are endless!
The teen room also has two iPads, 4 internet computers, more robotics, a computer lab for you to use whenever you need to do homework and much more. Come down and explore all we have to offer! See you during Teen Tech Week March 4-8!

Jennifer A. Nielsen Author Visit!

The end is near! Though there is still time to read a Jennifer Nielsen book!

From February 20-22 at our local junior high schools, catch our visiting New York Times bestselling author, Jennifer A. Nielsen! Jennifer, the author of historical fictions such as Resistance and A Night Divided, will be visiting 8th grade classes at your school soon.  For those who are fans of books that take you to whole new worlds, Jennifer is also the author of the Mark of the Thief and Traitor’s Game series!

Anyone who loves reading, writing, history, fantasy, or just wants to pick an author’s brain will enjoy her presentations.

For those who may miss Jennifer at school, join us at Campbell County Public Library Friday, February 22 at 6:30 pm in the Wyoming Room for a presentation by the author!

If you are interested in purchasing a book, a selection of Jennifer Nielsen’s books will be available for purchase and autograph at all events throughout the week.

See you there!

About the author:

Jennifer A. Nielsen is a Youth Author from Utah who most enjoys writing fantasy and historic fiction. She particularly enjoys writing historical fiction, as seen in Resistance and A Night Divided. She also particularly enjoys writing about characters who are rebellious and strong in the face of oppression. Capturing important messages in characters facing hardship, there’s a Jennifer Nielsen book to capture all ages of readers.

For more information on Jennifer A. Nielsen visit her website at http://jennielsen.com/

2018-2019 Soaring Eagle Nominees Continue

Voting’s coming fast! Have you read at least three of the 2018-2019 Soaring Eagle Nominees?

No?! Fantasy just isn’t your thing? None of the last three caught your eye? Never fear! This week we’ll show you three realistic fiction and one mystery from this year’s list. Realistic fiction is great for readers who want to be taken out of their lives but not taken out of the real world!


By Julie Murphy

Willowdean is fat.  She’s always been fat.  Her mom – a former beauty queen who hasn’t quite left that part of her life behind – affectionately calls Willowdean “Dumplin.”  But Willowdean doesn’t mind being fat; she actually likes her body, and she doesn’t care what other people think.  Usually.

In Willowdean’s hometown, Clover City, the Miss Teen Bluebonnet beauty pageant is THE measure of a girl’s worth, and nobody even considers someone like Willowdean entering the pageant. Especially not her mom; she diets every year so that she can fit into the dress she wore when she was named Miss Teen Bluebonnet years ago. Her overweight daughter as a candidate in her precious pageant?  Unheard of!

Why should being a certain size determine beauty, Willowdean wonders?  And with that – and with her customary sass – Willowdean sets out to shock the town of Clover City out of its prejudices.  In Willowdean’s words, “I get called a freak everyday.  I might as well make a show of it.” But in the process, it turns out that the person Willowdean is most likely to shock… is herself.

Words in Deep Blue

By Cath Crowley

Rachel’s world is crumbling around her since her brother drowned off the coast of Australia in the ocean she once loved. Mired in grief, she has let everything go, even failing her grade 12 exams. In a final desperate attempt to pull her out of the nose dive her life has taken, Rachel’s mom sends her back to live with her aunt and work for the summer. The only problem? Her aunt lives in Rachel’s old hometown where, years ago in a moment of either insanity or bravery, she confessed her love for her best friend in the pages of his favorite book and he never responded. To make matters worse, her aunt gets her a job in the bookstore his family owns!

Henry works at his family’s derelict second hand book shop, but he loves it. What he loves most is the letter library; a small section of used books where people can mark the pages, leave letters, or send their thoughts out into the future. Things aren’t easy with the failing shop and his disintegrating family life, but at least he has his beautiful girlfriend, Amy … until he doesn’t.  To complicate matters, his best friend Rachel is back in town, after having cut ties with him years ago without any explanation.  She looks different, and worse, acts different. At first, she’s cold and aloof and won’t talk to him, but then agrees to help him try to get Amy back.

As Rachel and Henry catalogue the annotations in the letter library, they find out that even though everything is changing, some things remain the same. They discover that hope and healing are possible for them both IF they can get on the same page.

Long Way Down

By Jason Reynolds

Three rules:

Number 1: No crying

Number 2: No snitching

Number 3: Get revenge

Those are the rules of the neighborhood. When Will’s brother Shawn turns up dead, Will, like so many others, sets out to get revenge. Will thinks he doesn’t care what happens, as long as he gets revenge. Once he hops in the elevator he starts to have second thoughts, and it’s a long way from floor 7 to the bottom floor. It’s even longer when, on each floor, someone new steps on. It’s longer still when those people aren’t supposed to be there anymore.

Jason Reynolds’ newest novel, Long Way Down, is written in verse.



By Pam Smy


February 1982: Mary lives every day at Thornhill Home for Orphans, beleaguered by a cruel and unpredictable bully. The home has been ordered to close, and while many of the girls are rehoused, Mary finds her world shrinking in on itself. It seems that nobody wants to foster the semi-mute, pale and withdrawn Mary.  The only comfort Mary finds is in crafting detailed puppets and reading in the quiet privacy of her upstairs room. But as the staff and students leave, one by one, Mary finds herself alone with her tormenter until she is faced with a life or death choice.

March 2017: Ella’s story has no words- we only see flashes of her life, punctuated by black pages and interlaced with Mary’s story from decades before. The images come together to give clues to Ella’s isolated life; pictures of an absent mother, notes from an overworked father, and the view from an upstairs window that overlooks Thornhill and the promise of a mystery to solve.

As Ella discovers more about the mystery surrounding the overgrown gardens she begins to see that maybe she and Mary have more in common that she realizes, and that sometimes loneliness is the worst torment of all.



2018-2019 Soaring Eagle Nominees

  2018-2019 Soaring Eagle Nominees

The fun thing with the Soaring Eagle Book Award program is that it is run almost entirely by teens in Wyoming. Teens each year get to nominate their favorite books. Then a committee of teachers and librarians narrows the selection down to ten. Once the nominees are announced, the YA staff at Campbell County Public Library uses a Campbell County Public Recreation District grant to order sets of the nominated books for county agencies and district schools so that all students have access to them. From February 15-March 15 teens who have read at least three of the nominees can vote for their favorite and nominate new books for next year. The books cover many different topics and genres including romance, horror, historical fiction, non-fiction and many others. Over the next few weeks we will be posting booktalks for all ten 2018-2019 nominees. This week let’s look at a few fantasy/science fiction titles!



Three Dark Crowns

By Kendare Blake

How many of you have siblings?

What would you do if you were separated from your siblings at a young age, and then told when you turn 16 you must kill them?

In every generation on Fennbirn a set of triplets is born. These sisters are separated at a young age and raised by families who possess coveted magic. The elementals, able to create flames and storms, raise sweet and beautiful Mirabella. The poisoners, able to consume and touch poison, raise plain-Jane Katharine. Finally, the naturalists, able to control any animal, raise the fierce stubborn Arsinoe.  The three are kept away from each other until the night they turn 16. On that night the games begin, and they are life or death. The winner takes the crown. But when outside forces intervene, and secret alliances are being made, the triplets don’t know who to trust. With their lives in the balance, who will survive? Mirabella, Katharine and Arsinoe are pushed to their limits, and the island of Fennbirn never lets go.


Rebel of the Sands

By Alwyn Hamilton

Amani will do anything to escape Dustwalk, including pretending she is a boy, getting into trouble with the law and befriending the fugitive Jin, in hopes he will help her out of town. She has no problem using him to get what she wants, thinking he is just a foreign bandit out to take advantage of others.  This begins Amani’s great adventure filled with rebel armies, magic horses, sabotage and finding true family and friendship. Amani is a true adventurer who is afraid of nothing. She is a master with guns and uses her skills to get her out of town and keep her alive. The mysterious fugitive Amani uses to escape her fate in Dustwalk turns out to be a man who takes her on a journey she could not have imagined.  They fight rebel armies, friends and enemies alike who have reasons to want them dead. Amani struggles with trust and loyalty since she has had very few people who have been loyal to her. When she finally meets Jin’s people and discovers his secret, Amani discovers a tribe she wants to be loyal to and the people she is willing to trust.

Dividing Eden

By Joelle Charbonneau

Twins Carys and Andreus are accustomed to certain patterns in their lives in the Palace of the Winds:  Andreus studies and fixes the giant windmills that power their kingdom; romances a new girl every few weeks; and hides his “curse” from the Council of Elders.  Carys suffers the unending criticism of her mother; helps Andreus hide his secret; and suffers punishments for her brother whenever she protects him from the Council. These patterns, for Carys and Andreus, will probably go on forever, as neither of them will rule the kingdom.

Until the day when, in one 24-hour period, both their father and older brother are assassinated, and their mother goes mad.  Suddenly, the kingdom is without a clear leader. The Council of Elders sets up a Trial of Virtuous Succession – a series of tests by which Carys and Andreus will prove that one of them is worthy to lead.  At first, they craft a secret pact about who that person should be…. but as other people become involved in the Trials and plant seeds of distrust in the twins’ minds, the competition becomes more real… and more deadly.


Did any of these titles sound interesting to you? Remember all these can be found at your school and public library just stop in and ask! If none of these interest you don’t worry we still have seven more to show you!