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Have you ever read an author that you really loved? You know- an author whose work you enjoy so much you can’t read just one of their books? Some authors just grab us with their writing style or characters. That’s why some authors show up on the Soaring Eagle list multiple times. This post will cover the three books by authors who have appeared on the list in the past.

 What If It’s Us

By Becky Albertalli & Adam Silvera

What If It’s Us is the story of two boys; Arthur and Ben, who meet at the post office in New York City. Ben is a New York local who is trying to move on and return a package of things left behind by his ex. Having been hurt before, Ben doesn’t trust the universe.

Arthur is a theater kid who’s only in New York for the summer, interning with his family’s law firm. Being in the city that has places like Broadway, Times Square, and so much diversity and theater culture, it’s a dream opportunity; but with no one to explore it with, Arthur feels stuck. Looking for a sign from the universe on how to get out of his loop of the same daily grind, Arthur meets Ben.

They have an epic first meeting in the middle of a flash mob proposal at a New York post office. Meeting at a time when both boys are at their lowest, it feels like fate to Arthur, but before he can make a move, Ben disappears.

Arthur is left feeling like the universe just sent him a big wakeup call and opportunity. So, with that, Arthur makes it his mission to test fate and find Ben again…in the middle of New York City… with no name or contact information… before the end of summer.


In 2017-20 18 Becky Albertalli stole our hearts with Simon Vs. the Home Sapiens Agenda. To read either of these or her other titles check out our What’s Hot Now display in the Teen Room. We also have more by Adam Silvera on the regular shelves.


Little White Lies

By Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Sawyer Taft is 18 years old, and accustomed to life as she knows it:  she lives with her single mom in a rented apartment, goes to school, works as an auto mechanic, and deflects the regular advances of the “good ole’ boys” who live in her small Southern town.

She’s also accustomed to her mom falling in love every other week, and often leaving for days with her newest romantic interest. So, when her mom texts her that she is leaving once again, Sawyer thinks nothing of it.

That day, however, a well-dressed elderly woman – who is clearly out of place in Sawyer’s small town – shows up at her front door.  She introduces herself as Sawyer’s grandmother, her mom’s mom, and offers Sawyer half a million dollars to come live with her for a year … with a catch.

Sawyer must participate in “the season”  – a series of balls, charitable events, and other public appearances that go along with being one of high society’s debutante girls – a Southern tradition full of glamour, money, and prim & proper behavior … something Sawyer’s always struggled with.

We meet Sawyer and her other debutante friends in a jail cell, dressed to the nines in ballgowns and elbow gloves. What follows is the month-by-month backstory of family secrets, skeletons in the closet, and covered-up crimes that landed the four of them there.

Jennifer Lynn Barnes terrorized us in 2017-2018 with her book The Naturals, the first book in a series of four. Little White Lies is the first in the Debutantes series; the second book, Deadly Little Scandals, is also out and available for checkout.



By Marissa Meyer

Renegades is the story of Nova, a girl in a world of exceptional people with exceptional powers. Born with the power to never sleep and to make everyone she touches fall asleep, Nova is amongst a group of hero prodigies.

The Renegades are a powerful group of superhumans who strive for peace and order; serving as heroes, police, and lawmakers in their dystopian world. Since childhood, Nova has held a grudge against the Renegades and has made it her mission to take them down. Training with her uncle and his villainous gang of superhumans called the Anarchists, Nova works to overthrow the Renegades.

Then, in the middle of a mission she meets Adrian, the adopted son of two famous Renegade council members. Little does she know that the two of them have met before, as Adrian also has a secret identity he’s hiding from the Renegades. When Nova starts to become closer with her new team, she struggles to understand what she’s truly fighting for and just where her loyalties lie.


2015-2016 introduced readers to Meyer’s first book, Cinder, a steampunky-cyborgy retelling of Cinderella and the first book in the Lunar Chronicles. Readers can find The Lunar Chronicles on our All Time Favorites display; her other books can be found on the regular shelves.


We hope that one of the books in this post has caught your attention; however, if none of these sound interesting to you, don’t worry; we have four more titles to share. Don’t forget voting opens February 15. If you haven’t read three or more of the titles, all of them can be found at your school and public library. Happy reading!