Introducing Teen TED and Talk

TED Talks are awesome. They inspire and motivate and inform. They connect us with ideas and people and ourselves. They give us new perspective and insight and validation. They are like books …. books that have been condensed into 20-minute time slots.

This is what birthed the idea for TED and Talk, a book club-type encounter in which participants watch a TED Talk instead of reading a book. Reading a book is a major time commitment and time is a precious resource. Watching a TED Talk commits a fraction of the time a book does but provides equal opportunity for discussion and wonder and growth. And these are exactly the kinds of opportunities we strive to facilitate for you, the teens that we serve here at the library.

So please join us for our trial run of TED and Talk on January 21st at 1:30pm. We will be watching a talk by Sarah Kay, discussing the ideas, and, of course, enjoying snacks. If you’d like to check Ms. Kay’s talk out in advance, follow this link: