Guess who’s coming…

We are so excited it’s November. Why? Because Ellen Hopkins, that’s why!

November brings with it the remarkable opportunity to meet, listen to and speak with the New York Times bestselling author of 14 young adult novels.

If you are familiar with Ms. Hopkins’ works, we know you are as excited as we are. If not, let me tell you why you should be.

Ms. Hopkins’ brutally honest portrayals of drug addiction, suicide and sexual abuse have gotten her books both banned and chosen as required reading in high schools and drug court programs.

She writes in verse, like Homer, but a bit more relatable….proof that it is not the quantity of words that paints the pictures, but the quality. If the contest was “paint the most vivid visual imagery in the fewest words possible,” Ms. Hopkins would win every time.

Ms. Hopkins wants to meet you and speak with you. She writes these evocative novels because she wants to evoke conversation about these heavy and important topics, topics that need to be talked about, that need to have a bright light shined on their dark corners.

So, if you are in high school, don’t be absent November 14. Ms. Hopkins will be at your school ready to connect with you. If you are not in high school, don’t fret. She will be here at the library that evening at 7 pm. Join us and be ready to be inspired, motivated and moved.

The Library will have several of Ms. Hopkins’ titles available for purchase and signing, at the low price of $10 for a paperback book. You may purchase books at either of the high school visits, or at the public program on November 14. Books will also be available at the CCPL Teen Room from November 12 through 15.