Bring Your Own Book Book Club!

Welcome back to school, teens! We hope everyone is enjoying their first weeks of school! For those of you who are new to the Teen Room, we have a lots of activities and projects to look forward to! This year, we’re so excited to resume the Bring Your Own Book Club!

BYOBook Club

This year, we’re starting a Bring Your Own Book Club! Rather than having everyone read the same book, we decided it would be fun if we had a “theme of the month” on the months where we’re having book club. Then, you can choose whatever book you want to bring as long as you can relate it to the theme. The first BYOBook Club we’ll be having is Friday, September 27, at 3:30pm in honor of Banned Books Week. What effect does banning books, or other forms of censorship, have on us today? Bring a banned or challenged book and let’s talk about that!

Back to School

With starting school the Teen Room is gearing up to be of as much help to you as possible. This blog post is going to be dedicated to everything we have to help you succeed academically! Please remember this is not everything that we offer; we offer a wide variety of recreational options as well!

We have a computer lab with six computers dedicated entirely to your homework needs. These computers do not have a time limit, so you don’t have to worry about being kicked off in the middle of your paper. This is also a quiet space for you to work, not a hangout room, so the noise level is a lot lower than in the teen room. These computers have internet access so you are able to access your email, Google drive and anything else you may need, like our databases!

Databases! We are very fortunate that we and the Wyoming State Library offer several hundred different databases for you to use. Some of the databases are in-house use only, but the majority you can use out of house by logging in with your library card. You can browse through the databases to find some that will help you or search using subjects! Databases can be found at

Okay, so we are a library, which means we have books; in the Young Adult department we house all our nonfiction books in the computer lab. This is a great place to look if you need physical references for an assignment or if you have something you’d like to read more about. One really helpful section is our math and science collection. These are books that will take a math concept and break it down. One particularly interesting set to look at is our collection of The Manga Guide to... These use the style of manga to teach math or science concepts.

Our next educational tool is actually in the main Teen Room, our iPads. We have two iPads that you are always welcome to use for educational or recreational purposes.

Finally, our best resource is the staff in the entire building! If you need help with anything… ANYTHING just ask a staff member. We are all trained to help you with your needs and if we can’t we help you, we will find someone who can! All you have to do is ask!

We are always adding stuff to our collections so stop by to see if there is something new! We hope you have a great school year and please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you make the 2019-2020 school year the best one yet!