Awesome Audio

Hey, summer readers! Do you know about our YA collection of audiobooks? For most popular books and Soaring Eagle Nominees, we like to carry a form of audiobook. Whether it be book on CD, Playaway, or e-audiobook, we offer our patrons many ways to listen to books. Without further ado, here are all your free resources our library offers you in audiobooks!







CD Audiobooks

Do you enjoy listening to stories on long car rides or on your CD player? CD Audiobooks are often the best choice for long road trips or with your family! With audiobooks by YA authors like JK Rowling, Rick Riordan, Victoria Aveyard, Alan Gratz, and Jennifer Nielsen, there is sure to be a series we have that you or your family will love!

As technology advances, we mustn’t forget the invention of the Playaway! A Playaway is an audiobook in a pocket sized, mp3 player-like device. All it takes to read a Playaway are headphones and the provided battery. With a Playaway, you’ve got a convenient audiobook to listen to anywhere you go; no phone, CD, or internet required!

E-audiobooks (Libby and RB Digital)

For all you tech-savvy patrons with access to a phone, computer, tablet or iPad: a great audio resource for you are e-audiobooks! At the click of a button, you have access to hundreds of e-books and e-audiobooks on your device.

Libby is an app that’s free to anyone with a library card that gives you access to hundreds of the latest and greatest e-audiobooks and e-books in our library Overdrive collection. On Libby, there are no late fees; and once you download a book it requires no internet connection or data to enjoy reading or listening. You can also borrow 6 books and place up to 5 holds at a time. The Libby app is perfect for any bookworm who likes to multitask and utilize technology. It is easy to meet your reading goals and listen to all the stories you’ve ever wanted to explore with the Libby app!

*Sidenote: If you’re looking for Libby on a kindle, it is going to be found under the title of its parent app, Overdrive.

RB Digital also offers a collection of e-audiobooks that we may not have on Libby, plus magazines! An awesome feature of RB Digital is that there are no waiting on holds involved with downloading your e-audiobook or magazines. You can also have up to 15 books downloaded at once, 10 holds placed, and an unlimited number of magazines! As with Libby, your downloads check out for 14 days with the option to renew or return when desired. And once again, there are no late fees due to automatic returns on the RB Digital app! With RB Digital, you can listen to your stories wherever you can take your devices!

For more information or help finding or downloading any of these resources, stop on by the library for assistance or pamphlets on these resources! Overall, our e-audiobooks are such an amazing resource to anyone who loves reading and listening to stories, so definitely check these out!

Hogwarts Escape Room Round 2

Did you miss our Hogwarts Escape Room?

Never fear! The awesome staff in the Teen Room has decided to do it again and soon! Join us Wednesday, July 31 for our Hogwarts Escape Room redo! Sessions start at 2pm and run for 30 minutes; our last session will start at 5pm.

Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! You’ve been given detention by Professor Vector; the last student who had detention with him went missing after Professor Vector went to a Quidditch game. The student was never seen again; this will be your fate if you and your team do not successfully escape his classroom. Will you escape or will you fade away?