Explore Tech in the Teen Room During Teen Tech Week!

If you were ever curious about the tech options for teens at the library, there are plenty of different technologies for you to explore!

3D pens – Draw awesome 3D objects with our 3D pens! From statues to glasses frames, there are a ton of fun things you can create. Use your imagination! These will be available for you to use in the makerspace for the first couple weeks in March.

Spheros – These round robots are a ton of fun. You can create your own coding system – they’ll go wherever you guide them! You can use a code someone else has created or create your own! Your sphero will dance, have a light show, and make various sounds.

3D Printer – Have you ever used a 3D printer? Now’s your chance to find out how cool they are. You can print out basically whatever you want (besides things outlined in our library policy) and we have a variety of filament colors as well. On Wednesday, March 6 teen librarians will be explaining how to use them and will provide an opportunity for you to print something. During the month of March 3D prints are free for teens, 7th-12th grade!

Ozobots – these little robots follow a code that you put before them and can create a variety of shapes and follow a lot of different paths. You can draw these paths yourself or use a coding system to teach your bots new tricks!

Here in the teen room we have two original ozobots and one Evobot. With light effects, sounds, and a variety of movements, the options are endless!
The teen room also has two iPads, 4 internet computers, more robotics, a computer lab for you to use whenever you need to do homework and much more. Come down and explore all we have to offer! See you during Teen Tech Week March 4-8!