Jennifer A. Nielsen Author Visit!

The end is near! Though there is still time to read a Jennifer Nielsen book!

From February 20-22 at our local junior high schools, catch our visiting New York Times bestselling author, Jennifer A. Nielsen! Jennifer, the author of historical fictions such as Resistance and A Night Divided, will be visiting 8th grade classes at your school soon.  For those who are fans of books that take you to whole new worlds, Jennifer is also the author of the Mark of the Thief and Traitor’s Game series!

Anyone who loves reading, writing, history, fantasy, or just wants to pick an author’s brain will enjoy her presentations.

For those who may miss Jennifer at school, join us at Campbell County Public Library Friday, February 22 at 6:30 pm in the Wyoming Room for a presentation by the author!

If you are interested in purchasing a book, a selection of Jennifer Nielsen’s books will be available for purchase and autograph at all events throughout the week.

See you there!

About the author:

Jennifer A. Nielsen is a Youth Author from Utah who most enjoys writing fantasy and historic fiction. She particularly enjoys writing historical fiction, as seen in Resistance and A Night Divided. She also particularly enjoys writing about characters who are rebellious and strong in the face of oppression. Capturing important messages in characters facing hardship, there’s a Jennifer Nielsen book to capture all ages of readers.

For more information on Jennifer A. Nielsen visit her website at