New J.K. Rowling Released for Free Online

Hello All!

For any parents (or fellow adult Potter Nerds) out there, I have some excellent news! J.K. Rowling has released on her blog the first two chapters of a previously abandoned and never published children’s story! 🎉

The Ickabog does not take place in the Potterverse, but reads with loads of charm and humor- perfect for reading out loud to the kiddos. (Or, if you’re me, scrolling furtively on your phone while hiding said phone from the toddler.🙄) Though it certainly feels different from Harry Potter, it is unmistakably J.K. Rowling, with her funny sounding names and magical ability to conjure up a new world.

Rowling will be releasing The Ickabog in installments every day, a chapter or two at a time through July 10th. There is also an illustration contest children can participate in, for inclusion in the book when it is eventually published in paper form this fall.

Find the story here!

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